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About Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye

Brief Profile About Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye(Yoruba Council Worldwide) apex Yoruba interest group umbrella body to the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide, Yoruba Council of Women Worldwide, Yoruba Council of Students Worldwide, Yoruba Lawyers Association of Nigeria and Worldwide a.k.a (Yoruba Council of Lawyers Worldwide), Omoluabi School Clubs, and alongside all her affiliated groups globally.

The Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye (Yoruba Council Worldwide) was founded by Aare Barr Oladotun Hassan 18th March, 1999 - duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission RC: 160050, with special blessing of The Arole Oduduwa Olofin Adimula, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, Ooni of Ife as our Royal Grand Patron.

This noble vision is predicated on Awoism credo and objectives, with utmost interest towards the promotion and orientation about the Omoluabi ethos.

Membership is open to all ages of Yorubas(Ile Kaaro Oojire) elders, women, youths and teenagers/children in Yoruba Land and in Diaspora.

The Council strives to provide all Yorubas the enabling platform for the sustenance of our aesthetic Omoluabi values and cultural heritage.

The cardinal objective of the Igbimo shall include:
1. Bringing together all the descendants of Oduduwa all over the earth especially in the South-West zone of Nigeria, Nationally, Africa, the Caribbean, South America and globally for a most profound all embracing and absolutely unflinching UNITY: ISOKAN.
2. To identity with Yoruba(Ile Kaaro Oojire) historical cultural origin with a view to reviving the glory of our past for the purpose of posterity.
3. To educate and mobilize the descendants of Oduduwa into a collective platform of an Oodua entity translate into socio-economic development for all indigenous Yoruba people worldwide.
4. To monitor the various interest of the descendants of Oduduwa, by whatever name called, and where ever they may be on the face of the earth, while we strive for the protection of this interests.
5. To ensure collective self-realization of the people of Oodua towards national development, education, health care, infrastructural development, good governance and rule of law.
6. To further the progress of Oodua civilization by protecting and promoting our cultural heritage and values, morals and the intergenerational transmission of same: OMOLUABI.
7. To navigate the bearing for Oodua world view and establish its place in the emerging world history.
8. To mobilize and educate all Yoruba descendants for the purpose of the above.
9. To do such other thing are consistent with the above objectives.

1. First organization to achieve a common date 1st of May of every year for global celebration of the "World Omoluabi Day" , while ensuring all descendants of Oduduwa at home and Diaspora gets their "Omoluabi ID GOLD CARD" promptly, and well captured in the Omoluabi Identification Scheme Database.
2. First to develop a Yoruba security masterplan called Southwest Regional Security Network code named: F'olumo Volunteers Network (Operation Sweep), which has now been extended to the Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria, very soon nationwide.
3. First to develop a Yoruba Common Law Constitution titied: "Iwe Ofin", developed with focus to remain a First World nation like Netherlands Germany and Japan.
4. Promoted the establishment of the Southwest Agricultural Economic Development Zone project (SWAEDZ project) aimed at ending food security challenges while having large untapped huge agricultural land resources across the length and breadth of Yoruba Land.
5. Promoted the establishment of Southwest Obas and Chief Council, aimed at uniting all our Traditional Leaders into one united institution of authority. While we hope to have them as 4th teirs of Government.
Not to be under the Local Government Areas authority; highly detrimental, demeaning and disgraceful of our Obas to be subjected to Local Government whims and caprices.
6. Promoting Omoluabi Sports Festival in all Southwestern States of Nigeria, as a brand of promoting unity and peace through sporting development, while Ewa Omoluabi Beauty Pergeant, Omoluabi School Club in all Primary and Secondary schools remains as part of measures towards promoting the Yoruba aesthetic cultural heritage and values always.
7. Southwest Youth Development Commission, aimed at creating a solid platform for all Yoruba indigenous youths in all the Southwestern States with the Launching of Omoluabi House in all Southwestern States.
While we have developed Education Right Bill to ensure not less than 25% budgetary allocation to the education sector is guaranteed, while the introduction of subjects like history, Citizenship and Law, National Orientation and Security Studies to mention a few.

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