15th June, 2022.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, and fellow compatriots. We are delighted to address you today on the state of the nation on behalf of over 407 ethnic youth groups in Nigeria.

It has been a hectic moment for all Nigerians throughout the political processes.

We want to first request one minute silence for all the departed souls that died at the Owo Massacre and other victims of terrorist attacks from the bandits,, and unknown gunmen deadly attacks and unmitigated killings across the country. May there souls rest in perfect peace. We therefore demand for justice and onward due diligent investigation and prosecution of perpetrators accordingly.

We commend all political parties for a job well done. We hereby send our heartfelt congratulations to all winners in the presidential primary elections. N
We therefore urge all the presidential candidates to unite and put Nigeria first in the course of their political engagements across the country.

Democracy is about accountability, necessitating our total condemnation of the spiral out of control attacks of the Igbo and other non-indigenous communities in Lagos State by thugs on the heels of INEC voter's registration, we are extremely and particularly concerned about some cardinal issues which we look forward to hearing from the presidential candidates of all political parties on their plans on how best to positively salvage and sail the ship of Nigeria.

Nigerians urgently needs from our Presidential candidates to address Restructuring of the Constitution and Governance system in compliance with the foregoing circumstances and modernity; by putting up positively driven aggressive master plan on Job creation and mass employment opportunities, Agricultural Revolution, Education, Health Care, Technological advancement, rebuild a stronger foreign policy partnership base, and most importantly fight insecurity, insurgency and other wanton crimes to a standstill, ensure strategic security framework, provide uncommon Economic sustainable Growth and National Stability.

We demand immediate intervention from the Federal Government to end ASSU Strikes through peaceful resolutions of all demands made by ASSU and other likes unions, which is long over due.

In view of the ongoing Permanent Voter's Card registration process, we call on the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to consider succinct administrative management of the entire process, based on the increasing voters interests to get registered.

Our youths constitutes more than 65% of the nation's population, since they are willing to get their PVCs, they should be given this timely opportunity to carry out their civic and franchise rights.

We demand that more registration PVC machines should be provided and more registration centres be opened before the closing date, while using this opportunity to demand for extension by two months .

National unity has now become inevitably difficult to achieve, especially at this critical point in time.

We call on all political parties to give sense of belonging to every segments of our population. We need each other to move this country forward.

We cannot afford being further polarised and excessively divided at this perilous times.

Unity, Security and National Development are key driver towards attaining the Nigeria of our dream, while 2023 election should not be made a do or die affairs, hence the need for all presidential candidates and citizens to extol the virtues of peace and sportsmanship qualities before, during and after the general elections.

We therefore demand that all political parties should as a matter of necessity balance religious and ethnicity related issues, so as to protect and sustained the values of democracy in the Nigeria, being a circular state in compliance with the 1999 Constitutional provisions on Federal character, we therefore call on parties to embrace a joint opp. Religion Ticket(Muslim, Christian and Traditional Religion Practitioners), based on competitive competence and positive values, and not predicated on compensatory opportunism.

Politics in a saner climes is all about constructive criticisms, issue-based engagement and genuine debates, where we shall at a much later date fix a date sometimes in November, 2022 for the hosting of a "National Youth 2023 Presidential Debates, where Nigerian Youths can ask questions from all their preferred candidates rather than War-War, let us Jaw-Jaw .

Values they say shape human progress, we shall be embarking on a national peace tour to promote PVC registration awareness, as well buildng synergy with INEC, Security Agencies and other critical stakeholders at all levels to collectively drive the ship of the state to an expected promise land beyond 2023.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Com. Terry Obieh,
President General, NENYLC, 08168871280.

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